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Upcoming courses in Colorado

Dear Students and Parents:

After reassessing the COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision to cancel all courses through Sunday, May 31st. In addition to these cancellations, we will not be allowing any future enrollments. As soon as the restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted, we will begin offering classes again and look forward to serving you at that time.

For Court Ordered students: Please communicate this closure to your court. Our online course, Defensive Driving 4-Hour, might be an appropriate alternative sentencing option for your situation. You will need to get approval from your sentencing court in order to change from classroom-based to our online course. You will need to register and pay $59.00 for the online class, if and when your court approves such a change. Court Ordered students who have already paid tuition for classroom-based courses (Alive at 25 or Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving) and who have received approval from their court to take an online course, will receive a refund by contacting us. You must make a refund request for us to process your refund.

Classes occurring within 2 weeks require immediate payment with credit card in order to enroll. These are marked with an '*'.

Classes outside of 2 weeks have the option to be paid with money order or credit card, as long as the payment is received within 7 days of enrolling in the course.

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